Monday, December 01, 2008

Come back to me...

It has started a very blue day

Naturally, it's Monday

There is a thick curtain-like veil

Over my world today

I have lost all perspective

Or maybe today I see things clearly

Like a moment of clarity

And every other day of my existence

Was seen through rose colored glasses

I feel like an unwelcome stranger

In my own home

"Knock, knock....can I come in into my space inside your heart?"

Why am I left alone to "deal" with

All of my anxiety by myself?

Why do you discard me like a book that

You have already read

Putting me back on the shelf?

Why are you there and I am here?

Where is your sense of perception

That I need you near?

Why am I always left here shedding

These tears of my own?

Why, when you are here with me,

Do I still feel alone?